This 113 kg Bodybuilder challenged Master Pedro Sauer to a fight … And look how it ended … HAHA


Bodybuilders spend many hours in the gym to show off a sculpted and defined body and gain muscle mass. Moreover, experts in martial arts such as Jujitsu know many techniques to defend unarmed and subdue an opponent. They are two very different disciplines curiously fought a battle in 1994.

The bodybuilder Lance Bachelor challenged the famous Jujitsu instructor Pedro Sauer in 1994 and was convinced he would win the martial arts expert in a fight without rules. The bodybuilder weighing 113 kilos, while the expert in Jujitsu weighed 68. Only two conditions were made: that there would be no eye gouging and no biting. If the referee saw that the health of one was engaged, he would end the fight.

What do you think is more important: the technique or muscle? Do not miss this fight video below!

Master Sauer demonstrates his control over the fight repeatedly with punches to the body-builder.  At one point, both remain on the ground and Bachelor hits the JiuJitsu Master but he gets out without serious injury of the big man’s attacks. In the end, the fight is stopped because Bachelor could have had his arm broken.


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